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Best IOS Apps To Unlock Mac without entering passwords!!

Great Apps To Unlock mac without entering passwords!!

Apple is the best company which makes great products and famous for its ecosystem, so its obvious that all apple products work so good with each other.

But unlike Microsoft surface which has a Fingerprint reader, only new version of MacBook Pro has touch ID. The rest macs are a just normal mac. 
But everything has a solution there are some great apps on AppStore which allows you to unlock your Mac without entering any passwords.

Not all apps are free but its good to try them at least once.

  1. MacID
Despite being one of the pricier options, MacID is the obvious first choice when it comes to establishing an unlocking relationship between your Mac and your iPhone. 
 MacID supports Apple Watch, making unlocking even further easier at the tap of a button from your watch – no passwords/fingerprints required. The app pushes interactive notifications to your iPhone when the Mac needs to be unlocked and even comes with a Notification Center widget to make the process easier.
 OS X 10.10 or newer, iOS 8.0 or newer
 $3.99 (iOS App) / Free (Mac App)
MacID (iOS / Mac)

2. Knock 2.0

Knock gives users the ability to "knock" on their phone, just like you'd knock on a door, to unlock their Mac. The app also uses Bluetooth LE technology and can be used if your phone is still in your pocket.
 Mac with Bluetooth LE, iOS 7.0 or later
 $4.99 (iOS App) / Free (Mac App)
 Knock 2.0 (iOS / Mac)

Near Lock

One of the best apps far I've seen. the main choice of choosing this for most causes its free on both IOS and Mac platforms.
Near Lock runs in the background, but thanks to its optimizations, doesn’t drain the battery significantly. It also doesn’t hurt that this app has one of the most gorgeous graphics and user interface of the lot. For free, it’s most definitely worth a try. We just didn’t recommend it above others owing to the lack of features that a lot of users would find worth their money.
 OS X Mavericks or newer, iOS 7.0 or newer
 Free (both iOS and Mac)
 Near Lock (iOS / Mac)


Tether is another free solution that works on the same premise as Near Lock, but with the added advantage of having an Apple Watch app. What sets Tether apart from the rest is the ability to customize the app and add to its functionality by using add-ons, which include the likes of having access to Mac’s Apple menu and controlling media playback, for example. These add-ons are available as in-app purchases within the Tether app, so it’s not truly free for all its potential functionality. Also, Tether was a little hit-or-miss in my testing compared to Near Lock. Considering that both these are free apps, it’s worth giving a try to both and sees which works best for you.
 OS X Yosemite or newer, iOS 8.0 or newer
 Free (both iOS and Mac)
Tether (iOS / Mac)

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