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The new iPhone​ SE

If like a lot of people out there you like the small size iPhone than iPhone SE is great for you but then you should think that should you buy iPhone SE in 2018? Well, the answer is pretty much like waiting for a new iPhone SE to release and then buy.

Apple has been doing very great with its all iPhones and after the lunch of iPhone 6s they made iPhone SE with was quite successful though. iPhone SE is like iPhone 6 in the great old iPhone 5s body. Which was a good thing because many people prefer the small size iPhone.

But enough about the old things and let's talk about iPhone SE2. There are some routers about iPhone SE2 for a long time and based on that it looks like the second version will be even more successful than the first version of iPhone SE.

As per the rumors of the release date of iPhone SE2 the phone will not be released until the September of this year. While talking about the price it varies on the storage as 32GB will cost around $399 and 128GB will cost around $4…
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Youtube says its time to take a break!!

While talking about video streaming youtube is the one platform that comes to the mind. from starting to till now its mostly used Google service ever.

Youtube is the home of creativity and a good teacher, anyone can learn anything from youtube without cost, and people like me spending a lot of time on youtube sometimes even forget the how much time and therefore people like me youtube has another feature called Time break!

Recently in the Google I/O company has announced the Android P which has a lot of features one of them is that it will give you the overall time that you have to spend on your phone, how many times you have unlocked your phone and what are the apps you used most.

Similar future is now available on the youtube that will remind you to take a break depending on the how much time you have set in settings. To enable this feature, in your youtube app go your account icon and then go to the setting than you will see the option remind me to take a break and you will have t…

What was in Google IO 2018

Google has Been the far best company for making best smartphones and making various new projects in almost every field. This year in Google IO company has introduced us to many new life-changing ideas starting as follows.
Gmail Recently Google has introduced a new version of Gmail san they’re calling it a smart compose. Google has added some features to its Gmail to even be more productive.
According to the new update of Gmail and its new AI, Gmail will be very smart and predict the messages you want to type to your friend or colleague with the technology of AI.
Google photos Google photos is the best app for all of your photos and it's going to even better with AI as now you’ll be able to send pictures of an individual person with just one click. And also you can recreate a moment from very old photos with colorizing the pic.
Google assistant  How Google Io can be completed even if there's nothing about Google assent. This year Google is adding the six new voices to the Googl…

New Bug to crash your WhatsApp​

WhatsApp has been one of the most used messages services around the globe, with about 1.5 billion active users. well, there are many schemes that spread in the WhatsApp but recently one another bug came to WhatsApp which will crash your WhatsApp.

If you touch the black dot it will crash your WhatsApp on your phone. the messages say "if you touch the black dot your WhatsApp will hang". But Only Android users seem to affect by this bug and IOS users are safe. However, the source of this bug is not identified yet.
Well, it's not for the first time that WhatsApp receives these kinds of messages to crash your phones. so advice is to be careful when clicking on these kinds of random messages.

IOS 13

IOS has been the smartest and most used OS around past years and no doubt that Apple made their journey so far with success of IOS.

The Entry of IOS 10 was huge and then IOS 11 came but now a rumor about IOS 13 from Mark Gurman who regularly breaks scoops on upcominApplele plans, made a tweet about the new incoming of IOS 13 on iPad.

According to that as to welcome new IOS, features like  A big iPad-focused feature upgrade as Well including an updated Files app. Some other things in the works are tabs in apps like in MacOS, same app side by side, Apple Pencil stuff. The home screen redesign is iPad focused and much more.

But there's nothing to hear from apple yet. So all, for now, is to wait for the announcement and stay tuned.

Microsoft April 2018 update.

Now its time for Microsoft as they officially announced the new Windows 10 update which they call it as windows 10 April update. No doubt that Microsoft is working very hard to compete with their same level competitors like apple and google they have succeeded with the far new features of Windows 10.
This year in windows update Microsoft announced lots of new features to windows like Nearby sharing, Focus assist, Ink, Photos, Windows Hello, Mixed Reality etc.
The event is scheduled on 7 May 2018 and you can be the part of the live keynote. Sign in here to register.
To find out more detail about Windows 10 April update click here.

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What Happens Next With Cambridge Analytica?

Cambridge analytics founded in 2013 has brought tremendous attention in 2018 by its horrible act of harvesting 87 million users Facebook data.
Cambridge analytics got access to the Facebook user profile of many people and that was used in the trump election as microtargeting and first, it was 270,000 but it became 50 million WHY you ask cause at Facebook long back when Facebook gets access to your data it means it can access to your and your friend's profiles.
So what happened to the data than??
All according to The New York Times — which broke the story along with The Observer of London — reported on March 18 that emails and documents suggest the firm “still possesses most or all of the trove.” Cambridge Analytica has maintained that it deleted all the data Kogan provided and, at Facebook’s request, “carried out an internal audit to make sure that all the data, all derivatives, and all backups had been deleted.” Facebook’s chief technology officer, Michael Schroepfer, said in an …